Best Things to Pack From Home

cf5fe5b62e26e8efc49fccd8e07beb25_-jiminy-cricket-disney-disney-jiminy-cricket-clipart_236-559Last week we asked… You answered.   The most anticipated part of Beauty and the Beast 2017 – is Emma Watson.  Thanks again Jessica!

Now let’s see what we will find this week!

Packing … it is one of the last things you do before your vacation, and it is one of the things you fret about as you sit on the plane.  “Did I remember my park tickets?”   “I sure hope I remembered underwear!”  “Do I have my 5 luckiest Hawaiian shirts (or 10?)? “   Here are a couple of reminders of things to bring that may not be at the top of your packing list – but just as important in our opinions.

Rich here:

  1. Body Glide- Chafing … It’s bad for you. It’s bad for your vacation. Avoid it at all costs. Between the heat, humidity, and water rides, bad things can happen. Prepare and prevent Chafing at all costs. Runners use a product called Body Glide to prevent those issues, and I strongly suggest it to avoid discomfort and the pain from preventing a great trip. 
  2. Comfy Shoes – Last trip we went on we walked over 15 miles a day. On days I wore less appropriate shoes, I knew it at the end of the day. On the days I wore good supportive shoes, I knew it too. As a scout I learned – be prepared (like Scar taught the hyenas) I urge you to be prepared too, to be on your feet all day!
  3. Extra Room – I always find myself squeezing items in my luggage last minute – or even worse sitting on my suitcase to make sure I can close my suitcase after all my trinkets are packed…. Then it is the hope that the scale isn’t that working that day at baggage check in. Don’t be like me – save some room and weight, because you will always bring home more than you take. 

Amanda, what say you?

Amanda here:

  1. The first thing I pack is carry-on sized sunscreen in my purse. My children and I are super fair-skinned so it doesn’t take long in the Florida sunshine to get a lobster-style sunburn. I like to make sure that as soon as we are outside in Florida, I have readily accessible sunscreen. If our room isn’t ready and everyone wants to start going, I have enough sunscreen to protect us. 
  2. One of the best things about staying at Disney is the amazingly well-theme swimming pools. I make sure to pack 2 bathing suits per person. The humidity in Florida means that the suits don’t dry quickly and I hate putting on a wet bathing suit. If I’m flying, I always make sure there is one bathing suit per person in a carry on bag as we often use arrival day to explore the resort pool instead of going to the parks.
  3. My family will certainly laugh at me for this one but I always pack gummy fibers when we go on vacation. After several days of eating junk food with nary a vegetable in sight, there is a risk of everyone getting a tummy ache. Giving each person some daily gummy fibers prevents stomach issues during the trip.  Trust me.

Special Guest Holly Adams … How about you?

  1. First and foremost, BODY GLIDE IS YOUR BEST FRIEND. I found out about this product on the Disboards, and I will never go without it. Rub it around your (ahem) groin area and where your bra hits (or at your underarms, gents) to prevent chaffing, and all over your feet to prevent blisters. It also works great to prevent ingrown hairs when you shave your bikini line, ladies. This stuff saves lives.
  2. Ponchos. I like to buy those disposable 10 packs of ponchos, for about $5 at Walmart. They are light and compact, and you can just toss them in the end. They work great to protect a stroller from getting wet. However, there are a lot of proponents of buying the Disney ponchos in the park. They run about $10 for adults and $9 for kids, so for a family of 4 that’s about $40. However, they are a higher quality and Disney will replace ripped ponchos for free. Plus, it’s a nice souvenir!
  3. Be sure to pack an extra pair of shoes! Squelching around in wet ones is no fun. Make sure they are comfortable, broken in, and have good arch support. You’ll be walking 5+ miles per day, it’s important to have something that will keep your feet happy. A good pair of blister-guard, moisture wicking socks will also help.
  4. 4. Bonus item: a portable phone battery charger. You can buy these in the park for $30 each, and exchange them around the park for fully charged packs when your juice runs out. However, you can get much better battery chargers for a lot less money on Amazon, and they charge up your phone a lot further:

Holly only has three trips to the World under her belt – but she’s an expert planner and obsessive researcher. She is currently plotting how to get back to Disney World before the end of 2017 with zero money in the bank.

Ok .. now it’s your chance …

  • Who was right?
  • Who was wrong?
  • What is your favorite?