Hi and welcome to the first post of the D3.   Our goal is to entertain and get some good conversation going.   Every week a topic from somewhere in the Disney Universe is introduced and Rich, Amanda, and (hopefully) a guest offer their Top Three votes…sometimes with honorable mentions…on the category.   There is a lot of room in this universe to explore,  from Star Wars to Marvel to Muppets to Movies to Theme Parks to Resorts.

Some ideas may be informational, some may be confrontational.  All opinions are…well…opinions. Heck, we may be completely wrong but that is part of the fun.  

We’re really hoping for participation!  After we choose our D3 it is up to you to vote for ours… or add suggestions that we foolishly overlooked.   We’re really looking forward to building a fun community of Disney Freaks, Geeks, and Nerds!   So let’s go and see what 3 are up this week!