Favorite Disney Princess

cf5fe5b62e26e8efc49fccd8e07beb25_-jiminy-cricket-disney-disney-jiminy-cricket-clipart_236-559Last week we asked… You answered.   The most anticipated out of park transportation is Festival of the Lion King.  Thanks again Helen for helping with a beastly topic. 

Now let’s see what we will find this week!

Disney Princesses have brought joy to people since the first Disney Princess, Snow White was introduced in 1937. Everyone looks for different qualities in a Princess which is why there are as many favorites as there are Princesses. Disney Princesses inspire with their kindness, impress with their skill and determination, and stun with their feminine beauty. Who wouldn’t want to be a Disney Princess?

Rich here:  I’m not a big fan of most Disney Princesses and Disney’s presentation of who they are.   There seem to be mixed rules for what a princess is, and who can be one, even in Disney’s own definition.    Elena may be one, I was in the Magic Kingdom for her coronation, but I think low ratings took away her title.   I also think Tiger Lilly should be a princess if Pocahontas is, but I guess Peter Pan needs to start a  petition in her honor. (oh and Mulan shouldn’t be one according to the story) 

  1. I love Belle.   Girls can be smart.  Girls can read.   Girls can stand up for themselves.   Unfortunately, 1/2  of the princesses do not do any of these things. Belle does all this and more. 
  2. Ariel – sure she is a rebel.  Sure she gives up her voice for legs (not sounding like a bad trade … right guys 🙂  ).   She is spunky and smart.  She is continually in search of better.  She is willing to give up her comfort for a better future. 
  3. Pocahontas.   She is kind and wise.  She is independent.   She is magical. She is an American icon.   I appreciate that she is herself, and the first princess to go a way other than to her male counterpart. 

Amanda, what say you?

Amanda here:  My favorite Princesses share qualities that I value – intelligence, spunk, determination.

  1. Not only does Belle live up to her name in looks but she has a beautiful heart as well. Even better, Belle is an avid reader of fantasy novels. It’s easy to imagine her loving the same nerdy books that I do! I love the fact that Belle is happy to be her own person, oblivious to the opinions of the small-minded villagers.
  2. Cheerful optimism in the face of danger defines Anna’s personality. Much like me, Anna plunges into action without much forethought or planning. She defines selfless giving and determination. Add in a bit of hopeless romantic and I’m pretty sure Anna was modeled after me.
  3. I struggled with picking a 3rd favorite with so many great choices: Tiana’s hard work and willpower? Rapunzel’s fearlessness despite her naïveté? Moana’s relentless determination and leadership? But ultimately I settled on a Pixar Princess, Merida. I love her fiery defiance of gender roles. She is stubborn to a fault but ultimately does what is right. I love how competent and strong she is and think she’s a great role model for my daughter (hopefully without turning me into a bear….).

Special Guest Julie Patton! How about you?

  1. Belle is clearly the best princess. She is smart, kind, independent, and doesn’t care what the villagers think of her. Her selfless acts save her father and the beast. And, she loves to read!
  2. Anna. Although not technically a Disney Princess™, she rates way up there for me because she is spunky, funny, full of life and sacrifices herself for her sister. And, when order is restored to Arendelle she is not jumping at the first chance to marry Kristof.
  3. Rapunzel is strong-willed and determined to see the outside world. And she’s still awesome after her signature hair is gone. Plus, she has her own bathrooms at WDW.

Julie’s 9-year-old daughter Amy offered her choices as well!!

  1. Ariel. Because I love to swim, love the water, and love mermaids. 
  2. Pocahontas. Because I love American history and learning about the native American culture.
  3. Moana. Because she is brave and a good role model. And I love her hair.

Julie has been a Disney fan since she was very young and watched “The Wonderful World of Disney” every Sunday evening with her family. She first visited Disneyland in 1978 and Walt Disney World in 1983 and has been back now more times than she can count. She has been known to sing Disney songs very loudly while doing chores, and the Moana soundtrack helped get her through a recent marathon.

(Obviously, Amy is all that, and knows her stuff) 

Ok .. now it’s your chance …

  • Who was right?
  • Who was wrong?
  • What is your favorite?

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